Humble Beginnings

Prologue - A Humble Invitation

The Third day of Mirtul 1485 DR

It’s already been dark for a couple of hours as you approach Scuttlebutt tavern. You notice a gentleman with long red hair packing satchels and tending to a couple of horses outside. You enter the Tavern to the sound of calm bardic melodies played on the lute. The lights set a relaxing mood with their yellowish tint. The mood seems more somber than usual with only a few dedicated drinkers gathered around the bar. You soon spot Gundren Rockseer and a few others gathered around a table near the back. You sit and make small talk with the group for a few minutes before the fifth member of the party arrives. Gundren abruptly stops the small talk and begins to speak. Gundren is clearly excited and more than a little secretive as he begins…



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