Humble Beginnings

Chapter 2 - A Humbling Experience

The Eleventh day of Mirtul 1485 DR

As the party attempts to rest after their recent defeat of Klarg, they find themselves confronted by a band of goblins holding Gundren’s companion, Sildar Hallwinter, hostage. The party concedes to leave the cave but is not willing to trust the goblins and continue to make their own requests. The goblins soon become tired of their continual banter and toss Sildar into the empty pools. Battle soon erupts and Trabor finds himself unconscious once again. The rest of the party deals aggressively with the goblins. Keni strikes into action as he once again attempts to get the upper hand on the treasure. He grabs a handful of silver and splits the rest with the party. As Keni is scavenging through the bodies, Ea manages to sneak a few coins off of Keni and takes his dagger as well. Sildar is rescued and the party learns some valuable information over a fire side chat. The party decides to head to Phandalin for their reward, Thinking only of the ten gold pieces that await them at Barthen’s Provision.

As they enter Phandelver, Sildar gives them instructions to meet him at the Townmaster’s Hall in the morning time and heads off. The party then finds their way to Barthen’s Provisions to get their reward. They find out about the Redbrands and where the crates they found are supposed to go. From there they split up. Leshanna, Baern, and Trabor head to the Blue Lion Coster, Ea heads to the Shrine of Luck, and Keni heads to the Sleeping Giant. The group at the Blue Lion Coster find themselves being rewarded and gaining further information. They then head to the Shrine of Luck. Ea receives a possible confirmation to stay with the party as she searches for what her fate is to be. Keni, ends up with his money bag taken and being forcefully tossed into the street. The rest of the party enjoys an excellent meal and a bit of conversation while Keni hides in the bushes waiting for the chance to get his gold back. The party finally heads out to find him and end up at the Sleeping Giant. The party’s dwarves enter the the tavern to a bit of animosity. Things are definitely not going according to plan. Moradin is mocked and Baern is more pissed than he has been in a while. His knuckles are white as he grips his warhammer. Ea disguises herself as a Redbrand and quickly moves in to deescalate things. She soon finds that she is either going to have to fight her own party or she is going to have to take action. She moves as if she is joining the Redbrands in their thuggery, only to unleash an onslaught of dark tentacles. The battle ensues and the party quickly deals with the Redbrands. Keni gets his purse back from the lead thug, and a single Redbrand is left unconscious with the inability to speak. In the aftermath of the battle, the party ponders their next move.



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