Humble Beginnings

Chapter 3 - Beginner's Luck

The Forteenth day of Mirtul 1485 DR

The party decides to hide the Redbrand bodies from their bloody bar room brawl. Soon they decide to take their hostage back to the inn with them. They pretend to be taking their drunk friend upstairs and manage to trick the on lookers in the dining room. Ea, Leshanna, and Keni attempt to look casual as they talk with the son of the inn keeper, Pip Stonehill. Ea’s weird vision and idol experience has spooked the party but has also given direction to the party’s search. It appears to be a dead end as his mom tells him to go get a bath. But then Pip runs back and tells his mom about Carp Alderleaf finding a secret tunnel underneath the Transcendor Manor. This leads Keni to go and speak to lady Alderleaf while the rest of the party checks out the Townmaster’s Hall and the Shrine of Luck. The party finds out about a few disruptions in the region. They find out about orcs attacking caravans in the East side of the Triboar Trail. They also receive a request from Sister Graele to go and get some information from a Banshee near Conyberry.

The party discusses their options but find it important to go and deal with the Redbrands before the town receives backlash from their recent retaliation. Keni returns to the tavern and informs the party that the halfling boy will show them the way to the tunnel. The party enters the tunnel. Baern and Ea hear a voice inside of their head. A short dialogue begins, the party has no idea of who or what they are communicating with. Baern takes little kindness for this thing and challenges it. A battle soon rages against a nothic. The battle is relatively easy for the party. They then move to search the rest of the hideout only to hear sounds and avoid certain rooms. They find themselves, finally, entering a room with an alchemy setup. A rat runs under the table, and the party pays no attention to it. They then barricade the door and enter an adjoining room. They find it to be Glasstaff’s quarters. They find a chest full of his belongings and treasure. They also find a note from Blackspider, informing Iarno Albrek to waylay the adventurers who are assisting the dwarves from interfering with their plans. The party weighs their options as they investigate the room. This appears to be a dead end. Where do they go from here…



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