Humble Beginnings

Chapter 1 - The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

The Eighth day of Mirtul 1485 DR

As the party gathers around the table in the back of the tavern, Keni shows tell tell signs of the reason why he may have had to take this job in the first place. The party makes small talk over a few mugs of ale as Baern and Leshanna quickly realize the inexperience of some of their party and become a bit concerned. The stories and conversation continue for some time and then the party retires to their respective lodging.

The next morning the party sets out with the wagon of supplies and travels for a few days. After about a half a day on the Triboar Trail, suddenly Ea spots a couple of horses dead in the middle of the road. As Leshanna and Ea approach the horses, suddenly an arrow grazes Leshanna and sticks in the wagon. Two goblins jump out near the wagon. Keni and Trabor taste their first piece of battle. Keni manages to fire a bolt right into the first goblin’s neck, while Trabor completely misses his goblin and gets his axe stuck in the wagon. Baern steps over to teach his young dwarf companion how to be decisive in battle. With one fatal blow, Baern drives the goblins skull into the ground. Leshanna and Ea make quick work of the goblin with their magic and bow. The final goblin flees the scene. The party decides to investigate the area and finds a trail that they believe to lead to more goblins.

After a close call with a pit trap along the trail, the party arrives at the mouth of a cave. After some successful sneaking, Leshanna becomes impatient and moves forward. Her chainmail alerts a pair of goblins who are on watch behind a set of bushes. The party makes quick work of the two goblins and moves into the cave. A group of wolves are found in a room near the opening. They appear to be quite aggressive, but Trabor decides to calm the wolves with his kind words. Everything seems to be going well until Keni decides to use a lamp in a completely dark cave. As Keni climbs to the top of the fissure, he uses his lamp to shine light into the room. A bugbear, goblin, and wolf are then alerted to their presence. Things appear to be going down hill from here as the bugbear clobbers Keni with his morningstar and sends him to the bottom. Trabor manages to soften Keni’s fall, but the damage has been done.

The bugbear directs his minions and begins some old fashion dialogue with the party. Baern leads the charge with some compelling questions but receives nothing more than a charge to leave Klarg’s domain. Ea is washed out of the cave by a rushing flood and the party soon follows their companion out of the cave to discuss the way ahead. After a quick huddle to discuss their options, a group of goblins soon grab a couple of wolves and guard the entrance to the cave. After a few minutes one of the goblins encourages the party to leave by throwing a javelin at them. The party does not take this lightly, and Ea quickly moves and unleashes some otherworldly tentacles that decimates the opposition. The party, minus Keni who is hiding in the bushes, once again makes quick work of the goblins and their wolfs.

The party begins to move up the cave again when another rush of water comes rushing towards the group. Ea and Trabor manage to dive into the side passages, but this time Leshanna is washed out of the cave. At this point the whole party, minus Keni, decides to rush up the cave. Ea leads the way and finds two empty pools and a few goblins. Battle once again ensues and the party uses their various talents to deal with the threat at hand. The party is bruised and many of their resources have been depleted.

In spite of their weakened state, the party decides to push forward with their onslaught. The wolf stands watch over the entrance as the bugbear is no where to be found. Keni now moves to re-climb the fissure. after a second try up the fissure, he manages to reach the top once again. He shines his trustee light to find the bugbear behind the crates. In response he throws a bag of ball bearings across the floor. After the wolf begins to take fire it quickly moves in to attack. When Klarg sees his wolf under attack, he quickly moves in to assist his trustee companion. Keni rolls behind a set of crates and takes a shot at the bugbear before beginning to rummage in the loot. The party makes fairly quick work of klarg but Trabor takes a massive blow to the head and falls unconscious. The wolf also manages to tackle Baern who is knocked unconscious. The wolf continues to gnaw on Baern’s leg. Leshanna and Ea make repeated attempts to finish the wolf off. Finally, Ea pulls out a dagger and pierces the wolf’s head. The party stabilizes their unconscious members while Keni finds Klarg’s secret stash. He attempts to pocket a Jade Frog statuette but is confronted by the two ladies. Keni manages to present a compelling argument as to how he was just trying to help carry the loot, and the ladies give him the benefit of the doubt this time. They do maintain their suspicions even though Keni thinks he has got himself completely off the hook.

The party has defeated the leader of Cragmaw Hideout, a bugbear named Klarg. Their wounds are severe with Baern and Trabor still unconscious in the aftermath of their most recent battle. The party assesses the damage and plans their next move as Keni thinks of nothing but the new found treasure. With still more of this make shift lair to explore, will the party press on or take a rest? Their next move could be the difference between death and life for not only them but their current employer…



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